Understanding The Different Categories of Water

Thousands of properties, every year, witness devastating occurrences of water damages. Sadly, a few of the times, property owners are not even aware of these damages that are so vividly caused due to water.

Generally speaking, water damages are a result of severe natural disasters such as hurricanes and heavy weather storms. In addition, water can be ingested into a property, even due to plumbing failures or broken roofs. Regardless of the causes of water damages, it is imperative to comprehend these damages and know the inconspicuous dangers that water carries.

Categories Of Water Damage Glendale CA

Below mentioned are the 3 types of water damages. Read further for your understanding of the situation, but take help from professional water damage restoration technicians in Glendale to restore these damages in your property.

  • Category 1 (Clean water)

Many a times the water that has encroached on your property is clean. For instance, when a pipe burst or an appliance fails, or even when there is a leak in a roof that lets the falling rain enter the property, the water falls in the ‘clean’ category.

Water in this category won’t have many microbes presence, and it poses no substantial risk from ingestion and inhalation. But, remember, the water in this category may not always remain clean, especially after it comes in contact with other materials. So always remove this water from the premises as quickly as possible before it progresses towards contamination.

  • Category 2 (Grey water)

Grey water isn’t as clean as ‘clean’ water, and it is slightly contaminated as compared to the clean water. Quite often, clean water becomes grey water if it is left untreated for a significant period of time.

Since grey water contains contamination, it has the potential to cause sickness or illness if contacted by humans and pets. In order to repair the damage caused by grey water, it is mandatory to contact certified water damage technicians who have the skills and experience to handle and restore these damages. For your reference, save the contact details of Glendale water damage restoration services. You can call at 818-572-1117 at your convenient time and day.

  • Category 3 (Black water)

Black water is the most hazardous of the three types and needs to be immediately attended by water damage restoration specialists. Black water contains pathogenic and toxigenic agents, and other toxic organic substances that need a qualified professional to begin the disinfecting process. Glendale water damage professionals are trained and equipped with the latest tools and technology to handle water damages efficiently.

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